Adrian Daniel Releases New Single “This City”


Brooklyn-bred singer Adrian Daniel is back with a beautiful new single “This City”.

The newest addition to Daniel’s catalogue, “This City” shares a reflection of a love that is on its last breath, consumed by the hustle and lights of one of the most coveted tourist stops in the nation- New York City. With intoxicating production and Daniel’s signature falsetto, “This City” manages to tug at your heartstrings and take you back to the love you once had- that you once lost.

“This City tells the story of a love consumed by the city it was created in. It’s about trying to find a way to still hold on to what is most precious to you; all while knowing it’s flawed without losing it forever in this city. My theme music for New York.”

The new single comes to us after Daniel’s release of “Havoc”– both off his forthcoming project coming this Fall. Check out “This City” by Adrian Daniel below.