2015 Emerging Favs


2015 Draft Pics

As 2015 comes to a close, it time to show respect to those who helped get us through hard times, fun times and just time itself. There’s been so many artists that left their stamp on 2015 like Post Malone, Dave East, Tut,  Anderson Paak, Bryson Tiller, Kehlani and so many more. So, in celebration of the amazing year in music, we’ve rounded up our list of 2015 Draft Picks- our favorite emerging artists of 2015 draft pics.

Now keep in mind that this is only a few- we couldn’t pick them all, so feel free to let us know your picks.



Chaz French has been mentioned on the TakeOvah time after time. Whether it was a feature with his DMV counterpart Goldlink or a song of his own, he’s shown his versatility on songs like Remember, Whatcha Know and Songs For Us. I don’t like making comparisons, but I see him heading down the same road as Vic Mensa. The energy he exudes during a performance is electrifying, not mention he’s well connected with his DMV roots through the likes of Phil Ade and Wale. After the recent release of his latest project These Things Take Time, it’s only far to say Chaz is raising the bar with every song he decides to release. Look out for him in 2016 and beyond!




If you want to talk about slept on, then Spzrkt’s Hours Spent Loving You was a project that flew under the radar. After he collaborated with Sango of Soulection on this project, the Atlanta native had a little buzz going. I saw him perform twice at SOB’s this year, to be honest from a R&B standpoint he has the potential to really leave his mark on this game any way he feels. Whether it’s ghost writing, features or his own music, there he has the talent to ink his name in anywhere he can fit, and I’m definitetly not mad at that. Here’s a few links that will help you get familiar with Spzrkt, his interview with Arts & Raps and his Soulection Sessions with Joe Kay. Don’t sleep on him next year.



Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans has always been a little lady with a big voice ever since she was on Oprah Winfrey’s stage back in 2003 belting out Mick Jagger and David Bowie’s “Dancing in the Street.”  She’s been proving that her talent is only reaching higher heights since then and her moves have been made this year—moves that include giving birth to her second little lady.  Early in January, she kicked 2015 off releasing her self-directed visual for her single “Baby Don’t Go” she then followed up with some strong vocals a few months later on “Red Wine” and capped it off in October with her  All MeEP. Tiffany left the proof of her progression in the pudding of the seven tracks on All Me.  Ms. Evans is not a little girl anymore!


Kenyon Dixon

Kenyon Dixon is another artist who has captured me the most in 2015.  Although he released his Twenty Four project on Christmas Eve last year, it was a release that I rode with far into the new year of 2015—and it’s still in heavy rotation.  He’s flexed his vocals crushing covers and his original song “Round of Applause,” which he released in May.  The Cali crooner left another major impression this year with his heavy contribution of incredible background vocals and pen game on Tyrese’s latest Black Rose album.  He’s preparing to release his next project Supafly in January of 2016.  Pay close attention to Kenyon Dixon.

-Ayanna | @simply_yanny

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Adrian Daniel

From Fkkking High to Fool, to Wildfire, to Euphoria, this last year has been a surging up for him. Now Pride is out and it never hit me as better or worse than the other music, it was different.Going back, he has already been changing his sound and making projects with an overall goal, and a lot of times you don’t see people changing that much on the come up. He’s a rockstar and his live show can take you on a trip.


Michael Christmas

It’s hard to explain but this dude shocked the shit out of me. The project is dope, the videos are a good blend of intentional home movie feel and slight visual teases. The whole brand makes me feel like everyone knows someone like him and to see him doing his thing is awesome. He’s had a breakout yea and I’m excited to see him do more.



While she may be a new voice to many, up and coming songbird RKHTY [rah-ke-ti] is no stranger to the art of R&B. A beautiful mix of oldies soul and millennial edge, Rkhty’s sounds are a nostalgic reminder of the feel good 90s, when R&B reigned supreme. With the release of her mixtape Sunday Sessions this Fall, she managed to rekindle the relationship between Hip Hop & R&B by covering a few Hip Hop classics. We’re excited to see what she does in 2016




It’s no surprise that Lafayette Stokely makes our 1st list of draft picks. Although the year was somewhat slow (as far as music releases) for the honorary Brooklynite, his track record of hits has earned him a spot here. 2015 was still an up year for the emcee, who performed at SXSW, fathered beautiful twin girls, opened for Raekwon and released a closeout hit with Feels Good staking his claim as next up in the rap circuit. Granting us a gem before the year gives me the feeling that Stokely has some heat coming for 2016 and I am ready for it.



Producers don’t get enough credit, and that’s why we’re sending love to one of our favorite rising stars, Jahann Sweet. As Kehani’s go-to man for the beats that the has grown to love, Jahaan has undoubteblty had the best year ever. Having the undisputed midas touch, his sounds have landed him in studios with Fabolous, BJ the Chicago Kid and of course the Aaliyah to his Timbaland- Kehani.  Recenty, he was nominated for a Grammy for his work with the bay area sanger and we’re def rooting for that to be the first of many wins for 2016 and beyond.

Got a favorite that you don’t see on this list? Chime in! Hit us up on Twitter @TakeOvahRadio and let us know whatchya think!